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GreentechLead.com, an online news publication, is the single platform for covering the entire green technology aspects. It focuses on green technologies for renewable energy, wind, solar, biogas, electric vehicles, smart grid, etc. It also writes about water management, clean energy, recycling, Climate issues, etc.

Greentech Lead Team:

Editor: Baburajan Kizhakedath

GreentechLead.com assists senior professionals for taking right business decisions by accessing the latest news and analysis. Greentech Lead works closely with market research agencies and analysts.

The primary target of GreentechLead.com would be decision makers in industries such as renewable energy industry, wind energy, smart grid, green IT, green telecom, solar and electric vehicles, energy storage, EV battery, Climate, water management, energy, power, etc.

GreentechLead.com is promoted by Kizhakedath Media Services Pvt. Ltd., a 12-year old media company headquartered in New Delhi. The main promoter of Kizhakedath Media Services is Baburajan Kizhakedath, a veteran ICT journalist. Baburajan K is the co-founder and editor of Kizhakedath Media Services Pvt. Ltd.

Kizhakedath Media Services has three digital publications: TelecomLead.com, InfotechLead.com and GreentechLead.com.

GreentechLead.com has received three awards during 2023-2024 recognizing its efforts in building a world with clean energy.