Raizen and BYD Collaborate to Set up 600 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across Brazil

Shell Recharge Singapore

Brazilian energy giant Raizen and Chinese automaker BYD have announced plans to deploy a network of 600 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across eight major cities in Brazil.

The initiative is set to address the escalating demand for charging infrastructure in Brazil’s burgeoning EV market.

The charging stations, operating under the Shell Recharge brand, are slated to be strategically installed over the next three years in key metropolitan areas, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and six other state capitals. Shell Recharge is available on Google Play store.

Raizen, under the control of Shell and conglomerate Cosan, is poised to play a pivotal role in steering the growth of the charging station segment, eyeing 25 percent market share.

Ricardo Mussa, Raizen’s Chief Executive, said Brazil’s unique energy transition sets it apart from other nations, citing the country’s strong foundation in hybrid and ethanol vehicles.

Raizen’s subsidiary, Raizen Power, had acquired a network of charging points from startup Tupinamba, positioning itself strategically for substantial market penetration.

In 2023, electric vehicle sales in Brazil experienced an impressive 91 percent surge compared to 2022, reaching approximately 94,000 vehicles. Of this figure, BYD contributed significantly with sales accounting for 18,000 electric cars.

BYD has concluded 2023 with record-breaking sales volume, which surpasses the 3 million annual sales target and becomes the global new energy vehicle (NEV) sales champion, for the second year in a row.