LG, UL Environment launch GREENGUARD certified television

UL Environment and LG Electronics USA have jointly announced the milestone achievement of GREENGUARD Certification for LG’s newest OLED TV, model 55EC9300.

This certification sets an example for television manufacturers to help create greener indoor environments.

90 percent of a man’s time is spent indoors and hence impact to indoor air quality is considered important. LG has achieved GREENGUARD Certification for its new OLED TV showing their ongoing commitment for safer and healthier products, said, Lisa Meier, VP, GM, UL Environment.

The new model’s recognition as the first and only television to have achieved GREENGUARD Certification, worldwide, further enhances its standing as a groundbreaking new product, commented, Thomas Lee, senior vice president, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics USA.

UL Environment has performed rigorous tests against the GREENGUARD Certification standard and has confirmed low emissions from the LG 55EC9300.


Recognized and referenced as a leadership standard by over 400 codes, rating systems, and procurement policies worldwide, the GREENGUARD Certification process requires that product meet most rigorous and comprehensive limits for low emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor environments.

Completion of the certification assures that products are designed for indoor spaces meeting harmful chemical emissions limits.

It is also among the first OLED TVs to be ENERGY STAR certified, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In energy saving modes, display brightness adjusts automatically to the viewing environment.

The LG 55EC9300 has an estimated yearly energy cost of only $17 according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Energy Guide label.

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