Johnson Matthey and bp’s Fischer Tropsch Technology Chosen for DG Fuels’ Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant

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Johnson Matthey (JM), in collaboration with bp, has been selected by DG Fuels to provide its Fischer Tropsch (FT) CANS technology for DG Fuels’ pioneering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

This strategic partnership marks the largest deployment of FT CANS technology to date, representing a significant step towards the widespread adoption of renewable aviation fuels.

DG Fuels specializes in renewable hydrogen and biogenic-based synthetic SAF and diesel fuel. The proposed $4 billion SAF plant in Louisiana is set to produce 600,000 metric tons of SAF annually, making it the largest SAF production plant announced using a non-HEFA route. With plans for an additional 10 SAF production plants across the United States modeled after the Louisiana facility, DG Fuels has designated JM and bp as their preferred partners for these projects.

The Louisiana plant is expected to derive its fuel from waste biomass, with DG Fuels projected to procure approximately $120 million worth of sugar cane waste annually, a significant portion of which will be sourced from local farmers in St. James Parish. Leveraging JM and bp’s FT CANS technology, the plant will convert synthesis gas derived from biomass into synthetic crude, which will then be processed to produce synthetic kerosene, blended with conventional jet fuel to create SAF.

The plant’s SAF production capacity, after blending, is equivalent to fuel required for over 30,000 transatlantic flights annually. DG Fuels has already secured offtake agreements with major airlines, including multi-year deals with Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines, and a strategic partnership with Airbus to facilitate global access to SAF.

Maurits van Tol, Chief Executive for Catalyst Technologies at Johnson Matthey, expressed excitement about the project’s scale and its potential to drive widespread SAF adoption. He stated, “Our FT CANS technology enables cost-effective deployment across a wide range of project sizes. We look forward to working with DG Fuels as a long-term partner for SAF production.”

Noemie Turner, VP Technology Development & Commercialisation at bp, emphasized the competitiveness of their FT CANS technology and its ability to meet industry demands for scalable and sustainable SAF production. She added, “We’re excited to see the relationship with DG Fuels grow, and we look forward to seeing this project come to fruition.”

Christopher J. Chaput, President of DG Fuels, highlighted the partnership’s significance in advancing the aviation industry’s climate goals. He expressed enthusiasm for creating a responsibly made product that can seamlessly replace conventional aviation fuel, with no engine adaptations required.

Michael Darcy, CEO of DG Fuels, underscored the groundbreaking nature of the project, stating, “This innovation will take DG Fuels’ SAF from the sugar cane fields of Louisiana to cleaner skies all across the world.”

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