GE to auction transmission capacity from Linden variable frequency transformer smart grid project

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GE Energy Financial Services plans to auction 315 MW of bi-directional electricity transfer capacity across its Linden Variable Frequency Transformer smart grid project.

This project uses GE technology to enable simple and controlled transmission path between electrical grids.

The auction will be held in April. It will sell 90 MW of transmission scheduling rights on June 1, 2016. Around 225 MW of transmission scheduling rights will become available on June 1, 2018.

The TSRs can be used to sell energy and capacity sourced in PJM Interconnection into the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and its zone serving the New York metropolitan area.

Linden VFT customers also can sell capacity and energy sourced in NYISO into the PJM Interconnection.

The Linden VFT smart grid project is located at the intersection of the New York City (NYISO Zone J) and PJM power grid.

This grid is capable of transferring 315 MW of capacity, enough for up to 315,000 homes, between PJM and NYISO.

The variable frequency transformers provide a precise control path between electrical grids, permitting power exchanges that were previously impossible because of technical constraints.

They enable transmission system operators at PJM and NYISO to control power flows with high reliability, speed and efficiency, while offering flexibility in how growing energy demand is met.

In another latest clean energy initiative, GE will be buying a 10 turbine, 16 MW Langhope Rig wind farm in the Scottish Borders from SSE on completion in spring.

Financial terms of the transaction have not been revealed.

Along with the transaction, GE will also acquire the £5000-per-MW community investment fund associated with the project.

Sabeena Wahid
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