Lennar grows inventive solar energy program to Colorado

Lennar has joined Rep. Ed Perlmutter to expand its solar energy program to Colorado homebuyers by making clean renewable energy a standard feature.

With 100 communities under development, Lennar’s solar 20/20 Plan includes installation of advanced solar systems on new homes as a standard feature at no extra cost.

Homeowners can purchase the power produced on their rooftops at a 20 percent discount to current electricity rates for 20 years. The groundbreaking program is organized by SunStreet Energy, expanding to Colorado initially in communities in Arvada, Golden, Frederick and Castle Rock.

With 300 days of sunshine every year, Colorado is suitable for the major adoption of solar energy. Lennar’s innovative offering serves as a model for Colorado and the rest of the country by demonstrating that sustainable homes can be built in a way that is beneficial to the planet and the clients, said, Perlmutter.


Since a decade, only 450,000 residential solar systems have been installed across the United States. Experts estimate the nation currently faces an annual need of 1.6 million to 1.8 million new homes simply to keep pace with household formation.

This is a significant opportunity homebuilders have to expand the adoption of solar. The potential exists to expand residential solar by orders of magnitude with programs like our Solar 20/20 Plan, said, David Kaiserman, CEO, SunStreeT.

The technology deployed in the Solar 20/20 Plan is fully networked to provide the unprecedented ability to monitor power production on a panel-by-panel basis. One of the big benefits of integrating solar into new construction is that it can less noticeable and more affordable, said, Kaiserman.

Sustainable living need not mean compromising aesthetics, affordability or comfort. Including solar in new construction naturally provides a better aesthetic and financial proposition to consumers. SunStreet’s Solar 20/20 Plan along with its innovative 20% discount guarantee, offers consumers the peace of mind necessary for widespread adoption, said, Rusty Crandall, president, Colorado division, Lennar.

Rep. Perlmutter supports building a clean energy future based on renewable energy sources and working to advance American research, technology and innovation.

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