Trina Solar and Lodestone Energy Complete New Zealand’s Kohira Solar Farm

By Editor


Trina Solar, a leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, announced its contract with Lodestone Energy in the completion of the Kohira solar farm.

The largest solar farm in New Zealand to date represents Trina Solar’s first venture in the Asia Pacific region to integrate both Trina Solar modules and TrinaTracker smart tracking systems.

Spanning 64 hectares in Kaitāia, the solar farm boasts 61,000 Trina Solar Vertex 550W bifacial dual glass panels mounted on TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P smart tracking systems, with a capacity of 33MW DC. The farm’s completion represents a substantial leap toward New Zealand’s renewable energy targets, projected to generate approximately 55GWh annually, providing power to over 7,770 households.

The fusion of Trina Solar’s bifacial modules with Vanguard 2P trackers, equipped with a smart algorithm for optimizing the tracking angle, ensures optimal energy generation. Moreover, the ample spacing between panel rows and a tracker height of 2 meters facilitate agrivoltaic farming, allowing for simultaneous solar energy generation and agricultural activities.

During the farm’s ‘Flick the Switch’ event, Edison Zhou, Head of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands at Trina Solar, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The Vanguard 2P tracker’s low foundation count, coupled with our collaboration with Lodestone Energy on foundation design, enabled us to overcome challenges such as the cohesive-less soil at the site.”

Gary Holden, Managing Director of Lodestone Energy, echoed Zhou’s sentiments, stating, “Our third solar farm at Waiotahe is currently under construction, utilizing the latest Trina Solar panels and trackers for optimal production.”

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