H2O Technologies secures two water remediation contracts

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H2O Technologies secures two water remediation contracts

By Greentech Lead America: H2O Technologies has secured
two major water remediation contracts, one from City of Denver and the other
from a major construction company in Colorado.

H2O has installed its proprietary water
remediation system for the City of Denver, Colorado. The system will
treat three gallons per minute within the lower levels of the Denver, Colorado
Convention Center. The system will treat groundwater being captured in a sump
tank that captures groundwater seeping in from outside the Convention Center
and contains contaminants such as oil and other suspended solids. H2O will
treat this captured water to a disposal level that will meet the Denver water
discharge requirements.

H2O has also signed a contract with a major construction
company that has a master contract with the cities of Colorado Springs and
Aurora.  The construction company is engaged in removing and replacing
the asphalt liner on the face of the Homestake Dam, located in Red Cliff,

This dam is part of the drinking water supply to the two
cities. The construction company will be removing a massive amount of existing
asphalt which is on the face of the dam.

Under this contract, H2O will treat the captured water at
the base of the dam in order to safely remove the hydrocarbons and other
contaminants. H2O will then return the water to the operation to continue the
process. H2O will treat the water to meet the state disposal
regulations, and then safely dispose the water into the local aquifers.

Recently, H2O Technologies entered into a strategic joint
venture agreement with Green Processing Technologies. Under the terms of the
joint venture, Green Processing Technologies secured the exclusive right to
market and commercialize H2O’s remarkable water remediation technologies to
certain specified clients in the U.S., as well as to any clients in certain
international territories.

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