Ericsson to operate more than 600,000 smart metering points for E.ON

E.ON Elnät Sverige announced partnership with Ericsson to advance its big data and smart grid solutions for customers.

Ericsson will operate more than 600,000 smart metering points in northern Stockholm, Malmö, Örebro, as well as Norrköping and Skåne to gather data from energy meters and provide collected data to E.ON’s internal IT environment. Data will be exported daily rather than monthly, increasing data delivery by 3000%.

Ericsson will also provide E.ON with related field services. The Ericsson Smart Metering solution comprises managed services, consulting and systems integration services and includes meter reading and control, meter management, meter monitoring, Service Layer Agreement (SLA) management, work force management, asset management, business process management, as well as field services and an operations center.

The evolution of smart grids is a priority in a number of countries, including EU and the US, and will eventually create a smart energy network that manages a huge amount of data in 24-hour intervals. This will open new opportunities for efficient grid and consumption management as well as a seamless integration of locally produced renewable energy into the infrastructure.

Currently regulations within the European Union require utilities, or Distribution System Operators, to deploy smart metering in order to ensure the first steps towards Smart Grids and more efficient energy usage.

According to Robert Puskaric, Ericsson’s president of Northern Europe and Central Asia, a large part of machine-to-machine communication will come from Smart Grids and Smart Metering.

Ericsson is currently supplying clients in Estonia and Italy with solutions and services for smart grids. In the Nordic region, Sweden has spearheaded the development of smart metering and grids.

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