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Tidal energy provider Minesto granted patent for Deep Green technology

Minesto, a tidal energy developer in the Europe, announced it has been granted patent for the primary patent family covering the company’s core technology,...

British company develops tidal energy technology

Kepler Energy, a British company, has developed marine turbine technology that it claims will be able to operate in shallower and slower-moving water than...

USDOE, USDA funding renewable energy tech, projects

The departments of energy and agriculture of the US government have announced funding for renewable energy technology and projects. The US Department of Energy (USDOE)...

JV to develop wave-based power project in South Africa

An Israeli-South African joint venture is to develop a wave-based power project on the coast of South Africa. Blackbird International Corporation, an Israeli company specializing...
Deep Green project kites

Minesto gets funds to develop innovative tidal project

Minesto, a Swedish developer of tidal energy projects, is set to develop a 25-million-pounds installation off the coast of Holyhead. Named ‘Deep Green’, it...

WERPO to go ahead with global tidal energy projects

Recently, Israeli firm Wave Electricity Renewable Power Ocean (WERPO) has launched a 100-MW wave energy project in Kenya. In future, the company plans to employ...

PLAT-O conducts trial for viable tidal energy production

Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) has completed its first phase of sea trials with its PLAT-O tidal energy platform. The SME is proving that by using...

OpenHydro, Emera form Cape Sharp Tidal for Bay of Fundy project

OpenHydro, provider of tidal technology and its Canadian partner Emera have formally launched a new joint venture business, called Cape Sharp Tidal. The announcement was...
Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay tidal lagoon to be accomplished at £100m deal

The Prudential financial services plan to invest up to £100m in a project to build a power-generating tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay, reports BBC...
Navy Students

U.S. Navy awards $8 million for tidal energy growth

The University Of Washington (UW) is supporting US Navy to attain marine renewable energy goal with a $8 million fund, reports UW Today. It is...




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