Bosch acquires Californian battery manufacturer Seeo

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German auto parts maker Bosch has bought Seeo, a California-based manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The batteries are claimed to be able to double the range of electric cars.

The companies have not disclosed the financial details of the deal.

According to a Reuters report, the lithium polymer cells of Seeo have an energy density of 350 watt-hours per kilogram which is an increase in energy density by 50 to 100 percent compared with contemporary devices.

Seeo also claims that its batteries are safer than traditional battery packs as it uses non-reactive solid polymer electrolytes. Conventional batteries use electrochemical energy storage which is less safe and unreliable on larger scale and prone to fire.

The report says Bosch will be able to produce the lightweight batteries on an industrial scale as it now possesses Seeo’s exclusive license to core patents from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Ajith Kumar S

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