Branford Public Schools Partners with Zum for Innovative Student Transportation Solution

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Branford Public Schools (BPS) has awarded a $60 million, 10-year transportation contract to Zum, a leader in modern transportation solutions. This partnership signifies a significant step forward for BPS, as it embarks on a journey towards safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable student transportation services.

With this contract, BPS is set to introduce transportation services that prioritize safety, efficiency, and technological advancement.

Notably, within the next five years, Zum will spearhead Branford’s transition to a fully electric school bus fleet, marking a pioneering initiative in Connecticut’s education industry.

Ritu Narayan, Founder and CEO of Zum, emphasized Zum’s dedication to improving the lives of children, families, drivers, and school administrators, starting from the upcoming 2024-25 school year.

Ritu Narayan, Founder and CEO of Zum
Ritu Narayan, Founder and CEO of Zum

Superintendent Christopher Tranberg echoed Narayan’s sentiments, highlighting student safety as a top priority.

BPS’s collaboration with Zum marks a significant milestone, making it the first school district in Connecticut to leverage Zum’s innovative transportation solutions. Zum, already operational in several states across the country, including Massachusetts, Maryland, California, and others, is challenging the status quo in school transportation. Founded by Ritu Narayan, a first-generation immigrant and mother, Zum prioritizes safety, efficiency, and sustainability in its operations.

Through the Zum app, parents will gain access to a comprehensive profile of their child’s bus driver, real-time tracking, and notifications about bus locations and pickup/drop-off status.

Administrators will benefit from route optimization tools and real-time data insights, while drivers will enjoy higher wages, modern benefits, and top-of-the-line buses equipped with advanced safety features.

Zum’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through its Net Zero Initiative, making it the first and only 100 percent carbon-neutral student transportation company in the U.S. News Desk

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