ClipperCreek unveils Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment tester

ClipperCreek unveils Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment tester

ClipperCreek recently released the CP-50, a tool for the installation and maintenance of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

The CP-50 is a hand-held testing tool designed for installers, technicians and facilities maintenance personnel.

The product is priced $250.

The CP-50 can function as a stand-alone device or in combination with a DVM (Digital Volt Meter) and/or oscilloscope to verify operations and perform advanced troubleshooting on an EVSE or vehicle charging issue.

The CP-50 is designed for use with ClipperCreek EVSE, and should be compatible with all other makes and models of Level 1 and Level 2 EVSE on the market.

“As the plug-in vehicle and charging infrastructure markets continue to grow, our customers have been seeking a simple and convenient way to verify operation and troubleshoot charging infrastructure,” said Jason France, president and founder of ClipperCreek.

The CP-50 can be added to enhance efficiency of a facilities charging infrastructure preventative maintenance and testing routine. Designed for compatibility with all Level 1 and Level 2 SAE-J1772 EVSE the CP-50 functions as a quick and simple diagnostic tool to troubleshoot vehicle charging issues.

CP-50’s primary functions include:

  • Verifying EVSE operations without a vehicle
  • Simulating vehicle connected and charge requested
  • Simulating CCID charging fault to ensure EVSE safety circuitry is functioning properly
  • Pair the CP-50 with a Digital Volt Meter to:
  • Measure incoming service voltage, each line to ground and line to line
  • Verify SAE-J1772™ connector proximity switch resistance is within specification range
  • Conduct advanced cable/connector troubleshooting
  • Pair the CP-50 with an Oscilloscope for:
  • Easy access test points to view SAE J1772 pilot signal at various states (i.e. vehicle connected, charge requested)

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