Indigo Technologies Secures Investment from Foxconn to Accelerate Smart EV Development

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Indigo Technologies, a Smart EV Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in robotics, has announced a strategic investment from Foxconn.

At the heart of Indigo’s innovation lies its road sensing technology, SmartWheels, developed by a team originating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This transformative technology forms the cornerstone of Indigo’s aim to create environmentally friendly light utility EVs tailored for various transportation services, including ride-hailing, delivery, and autonomous mobility.

Indigo’s CEO, Will Graylin, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Foxconn, emphasizing the shared vision to pioneer technology that enhances safety, utility, and comfort in urban environments.

Jun Seki, Foxconn’s Chief Strategy Officer for Electric Vehicles, will be joining Indigo’s Board of Directors.

Foxconn said this investment aligns with its objective of transforming MIT’s invention into a globally recognized innovation with widespread commercial adoption.

By partnering with leading transportation and fleet management companies, Indigo aims to deploy its EV software and hardware solutions, including Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS) packages, to revolutionize fleet operations and autonomous mobility on public roads.

Indigo’s SmartWheels technology represents a shift in vehicle architecture, enabling more efficient EVs that offer unparalleled smoothness and stability. The company’s flagship model, the FLOW, boasts spacious interiors, enhanced ride comfort, and superior economics compared to conventional vehicles in its class.

With an anticipated launch in late 2026, the FLOW is projected to offer 200 miles of range, priced near $37,000, catering to the evolving needs of American consumers.

In addition to the FLOW, Indigo is set to introduce the DASH, a compact Smart EV equipped with telematics and cloud-connected sensors, aimed at optimizing fleet operations and enhancing service experiences.

Scheduled for trial runs in the second half of 2024 and mass delivery in early 2025, the DASH promises 140 miles of range and a competitive price point of approximately $27,000. News Desk

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