Blu Homes introduce smart green homes with sustainable features

Blu Homes 2015 has introduced new product line offer of smart homes with enhanced green features.

Blu homes enjoy a connection between sun-filled indoor living and the soulful satisfaction of a link with the natural world, says Bill Haney, CEO, Blu Homes.

Home buyers worldwide are provided with healthy and economical green buildings with beautiful designs. Through the advanced technology development program customers are offered greener, smarter, spacious and quicker to build, low price homes, continued Haney.


Blu’s 2015 Product Line uses steel-reinforced framing systems for stronger homes in case of seismic, snow load, and wind load challenges, and two levels of insulation to drop energy use, reduce carbon footprints, and create a sense of peace.

For Blu Homes 2015, the new additional features are air filtration, all-LED lighting and smart home automation, with reduced home prices by up to $140,000.

Besides, the hospital-quality air filtration systems protect families from air pollution and allergens.

These choices combined with healthy and sustainable material choices offer unique homes that provide minimized energy bills and carbon footprints.

With the introduction of its 2015 Product Line, Blu will now actively offer homes for sale in all 48 continental states.

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