Bulbs.com Expands Rebate Distribution Partnerships to Georgia Power

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Bulbs.com, a leading online authority in LED lighting, continues its stride in facilitating energy-efficient solutions across the United States by expanding its rebate distribution partnerships with utility companies.

The latest development includes a distributor partnership with Georgia Power, a prominent Southern Company utility renowned for its Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs aimed at promoting energy-efficient equipment installations for businesses statewide.

Bulbs.com disclosed its approval as the first e-commerce distributor for Georgia Power’s program, simplifying LED purchases for eligible commercial customers. With this collaboration, businesses can now avail instant rebates on a wide array of LED lamps and fixtures when procuring from Bulbs.com. Noteworthy highlights of the partnership include:

Bulbs.com becoming the inaugural e-commerce distributor approved for Georgia Power’s program, streamlining LED purchases for commercial clients.

Presently, Bulbs.com holds approved distributor status in 21 states across the nation.

Instant rebates are applicable to a diverse range of LED fixtures and lamps, including Energy Star and DLC-approved linears (T8), ceiling panels, high bay and low bay fixtures, and exterior LED fixtures.

The significance of this collaboration extends beyond mere cost-saving measures, as lighting constitutes a substantial portion (30 percent – 40 percent) of a commercial building’s energy consumption. Updating lighting systems to energy-efficient alternatives not only reduces energy costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Benefits of LEDs include lower HVAC costs due to reduced heat emissions, decreased maintenance expenses owing to extended lifespan, heightened worker productivity attributed to improved lighting quality, and enhanced safety and security from superior lighting quality.

Bulbs.com maintains partnerships with numerous utility companies nationwide, serving as an approved distribution partner for Duke Energy, MassSave, ConEdison, Excel Energy, and others. In fact, Bulbs.com stands out as the sole e-commerce lighting distributor collaborating with a vast network of utility companies spanning multiple states. Eligible commercial and industrial customers can now avail instant rebates on LED lighting purchases from over 40 utility companies across 21 states, including Georgia.

In addition to the rebate program, commercial and industrial customers can benefit from Bulbs.com’s exclusive “Buy n Try” initiative, enabling them to trial select LED lamps risk-free before making substantial purchases, ensuring optimal selections every time.

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