NF Energy develops landfill leachate disposal solution

NF Energy has developed a new solution to the disposal of landfill leachate entering into environmental protection market.

The company has invented Leachate Concentration Harmless Dryer, a device to dry leachate in a sealed environment and discharge dehydrated sludge by auger conveyor.

Compared with normal leachate dryer devices, it uses tail gas to recompress and return to the device as a heat source.

The method adapted saves energy and expense, without causing any additional pollution to the environment.

Recently, this patent-pending device has achieved high scores in all performance requirements during a trial at a landfill site.

Now, the issue of leachate pollution can be resolved by NFEC’s Leachate Concentration Harmless Dryer.

Landfill leachate is a major source of contaminates in underground water.

Moreover, China alone may need at least 500 sets of the device per year equally as well in the remaining cities.

At the current price of US$0.3 million a set, the potential demand represents more than US$500 million per year in China.
NFEC will start the production of 30 sets of the device and will fulfill a US$9 million order by the end of 2015. It is expected that the 30 sets will be deployed at 10 landfill sites in the country.

The disposal of garbage is a large market and industry. This market has new products and innovative technologies. This will surely broaden business opportunities for the company, says, Gang Li, chairman, NFEC.

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