Tesla to construct supercharging stations across UK

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Tesla Motors is gearing up to construct an initial lot of seven supercharging stations on motorways across the UK. The development follows the settlement of a long-running legal dispute between the company and Ecotricity, another British green-energy company.

Cars Technica UK has reported that besides the seven supercharging stations currently proposed, Tesla has plans to introduce more such facilities across UK.

At present, most superchargers of EV manufacturers are installed in cities, although they are not ideal for charging automobiles for long drives.

Some British superchargers are located close to main roads or motorways but none is in a motorway service station, according to Car Technica.

As Tesla has won a case against Ecotricity, a British green-energy company that also has many EV charging stations across the UK and an exclusivity agreement with motorway services stations, the number of the company’s superchargers is set to increase significantly.

Tesla currently operates 22 Superchargers in the UK and has many more in the pipeline. Besides seven motorway charging points, the EV maker is also trying to focus on expanding its presence in the western Scotland and eastern England.

While Tesla has one supercharger in Scotland, it has none in Eastern Scotland. and eastern England, where there are no Superchargers at all. The company also plans to launch its first series of Superchargers in Ireland by next year.

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