Nuclear generation in Asia grew by 35% since 2012

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As per the new special update report from World Nuclear Association, nuclear generation in Asia has grown by 35 percent since 2012.

Ten reactors came online in 2016, matching the total for 2015, this is more than double the annual average for the previous 25 years.

Eight of the ten new reactors are situated in Asia, with five in China and one each in India, Pakistan and South Korea.

In the last ten years nuclear generation has more than doubled in India and Pakistan and more than tripled in China, the report said.

Two-thirds of the reactors under construction globally are being built in the Asia region, with more than one third in China alone.

The nuclear industry’s Harmony goal is that nuclear generation should supply 25 percent of global electricity by 2050, which would require 1000 GWe of new nuclear build by that date.

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