Itron selected by Indraprastha Gas in Delhi

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Itron, a provider of smart metering solutions, announced that Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), one of India’s leading gas distribution companies serving Delhi, has signed a contract with Itron to begin upgrading its metering system over the next two years.

IGL will install Itron commercial and industrial (C&I) gas meters and regulators to more accurately measure and manage the delivery of gas.

IGL will utilize Itron’s highly-accurate diaphragm and volumetric C&I meters to more effectively measure natural gas resources and maximize revenue collection over time. The meters accurately measure gas even with low pressure or irregular flow conditions. The durable meters also have a long field life.

“Itron is proud to help IGL meet its need for accurate, reliable measurement and management of its natural gas resources. Itron is dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, and it’s through the effective delivery of resources that this is possible,” said Malcolm Munro, Itron senior director of sales for Gas in Asia-Pacific.

“Itron has decades of experience providing gas metering solutions to utilities across the globe. IGL will benefit from our extensive industry expertise and proven technologies,” Munro added.

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