Canopy Power and QINOUS selected to transform Misool Eco Resort

Photo by Kevin Korpics

Misool Eco Resort, a resort and conservation center located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia, has awarded an implementation project contract to Singapore-based renewable energy microgrid service provider, Canopy Power, and Berlin-based smart energy storage provider, QINOUS.

The implementation will reduce annual diesel consumption by 55 percent by hybridizing the existing diesel microgrid with solar photovoltaic (PV) and Li-ion batteries.

Once commissioned in Q2 2017, this will be one of the largest hybrid microgrids in Raja Ampat area, the company said.

The microgrid is designed by Canopy Power. The company will be responsible for constructing and commissioning the system. Canopy Power will also provide a remote monitoring support to Misool Eco Resort.

The battery solution including the Site Controller and Microgrid Energy Management System with embedded remote monitoring system for this off grid energy system will come from QINOUS.

Andrew Miners, co-founder and managing director of Misool Eco Resort. “The implementation of this hybrid system will significantly reduce our usage of fossil fuels and focuses firmly on environmental sustainability.”

The resort’s electrical supply will be based on a 125 kW array of solar PV panels and diesel generators. A Lithium-ion energy storage system is used to store excess solar power for night-time use or in periods of low sunshine.

The energy storage system is able to provide significant reductions in fuel consumption as it allows the diesel generators to be completely disabled for extended periods of time.