Survalent Technology deploys new SCADA system at Mayfield Electric

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Survalent Technology deploys new SCADA system at Mayfield Electric

Greentech Lead America: Survalent Technology, a provider
of smart grid solutions for the control room, has deployed a new Supervisory
Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at Mayfield Electric & Water
Systems (MEWS).

The new system will benefit MEWS, a member of Tennessee
Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) and Municipal Electric Power
Association of Kentucky (MEPAK), as it features Survalent’s open-architecture
system based on Windows Server.

Survalent Technology said the system includes several of
Survalent’s open system applications, including: WebSurv, SCADA Add-In,
Operations and Outages Accounting, Control Panel and Remote Alarm Annunciation.

“This is the first SCADA System for Mayfield Electric
& Water Systems. The SCADA System has been timed with a new substation to
make the most of data available from smart devices in the substation,” said
Steve Strauss, vice president of Sales for the Eastern United States.

“Survalent’s IED Wizard and Control Panel provide a
means to easily program and display IEDs. Mayfield will also benefit from text
messaging to cell phones for alarm conditions and the ability to have view-only
capability of their screens from the internet,” Strauss added.

Survalent Technology claims that it has helped more than 400 utilities use
operational data to increase reliability, efficiency and customer service.

It offers SCADA, Outage Management System (OMS),
Distribution Management (DMS), Distribution Automation (DA), Demand Response
(DR), Substation Automation (SA) and SurvCentral Mobile solutions, utilities
transform data into actionable intelligence. 

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