Rhode Island Energy Floats RFP for 1200 MW Offshore Wind Proposals, Pioneering Clean Energy Advancements

Arven Offshore Wind Farm

Rhode Island Energy, a player in the renewable energy sector, has issued a groundbreaking Request for Proposals (RFP) aimed at securing an unprecedented 1200 MW of offshore wind capacity.

This monumental solicitation marks a pivotal milestone, being the largest renewable energy procurement ever sought for Rhode Island, demonstrating the state’s steadfast commitment to sustainable power sources.

Just one week after Connecticut, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the state of Rhode Island inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU), laying the foundation for potential multi-state collaboration in offshore wind selection, Rhode Island Energy has taken a bold step forward. This aligns with each state’s ambitions to procure offshore wind resources within a synchronized timeframe.

Rhode Island, known for hosting the nation’s inaugural offshore wind farm off Block Island, is in the midst of substantial infrastructure enhancements for a second offshore wind endeavor, aptly named Revolution Wind, poised to contribute over 700 MW of energy to both Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Dave Bonenberger, President of Rhode Island Energy, stated, “This RFP will give developers a new, unique opportunity to think creatively about how they can meet the state’s clean energy and economic development goals, while balancing our customers’ affordability needs.”

He further highlighted the advantages offered by the RFP, including an expanded capacity, streamlined application procedures, increased flexibility regarding contract durations, and the potential for cross-state coordination, all aimed at optimizing economies of scale for developers.

The 2023 RFP, a pivotal document for prospective developers, can be accessed and reviewed on the dedicated platform www.ricleanenergyrfp.com. Developer bids, encompassing proposals ranging from less than 1200 MW to the full capacity, are welcome. Rhode Island Energy is seeking bids from potential developers to establish long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) for energy and renewable energy certificates (RECs) derived from newly developed offshore wind projects under the state’s Affordable Clean Energy Security (ACES) Act.

Interested parties have until January 31, 2024, to submit their responses, with the winning bidder(s) anticipated to be unveiled in the summer of 2024. The evaluation of responses will be a meticulous process conducted by Rhode Island Energy in collaboration with the state’s Office of Energy Resources and Division of Public Utilities and Carriers. Any future PPAs established by Rhode Island Energy will undergo rigorous review and approval by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (PUC). This marks a significant stride toward achieving a greener, more sustainable energy future for the region.