Comverge assists City of Peoria to cut power consumption at multiple facilities

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Comverge assists City of Peoria to cut power consumption at multiple facilities

Greentech Lead America: Comverge, a provider of
intelligent energy management solutions for residential and commercial &
industrial users, announced that its demand response expertise has helped the
City of Peoria curtail its consumption at multiple facilities over the two-year

Comverge has assisted the City’s Jomax and Beardsley
Water Reclamation Facilities (WRF) successfully participate in the 2010 and
2011 Arizona Public Service (APS) Peak Solutions programs.

Comverge engineers have worked with members of the public
works utilities department to design a demand response system tailored to their
individual needs. This included shutting down agitation blowers and sanitizing
UV lights during times of peak demand, both of which helped reduce energy
consumption without dramatically affecting operations.

The APS Peak Solutions program helps C&I businesses
earn additional revenues by reducing electricity load on peak event days.

“Water is extremely valued in the desert and the City
of Peoria has taken great strides in conserving this natural resource through
these reclamation facilities. By partnering with Comverge to implement an
innovative demand response program, the City of Peoria has seamlessly
incorporated energy management best practices into its facilities without
impacting existing processes,” said George Hunt, senior vice president,
C&I sales, Comverge.

“Our water and wastewater sustainability initiatives
represent a commitment we have made to our customers, our community and the
environment. Working with Comverge to implement demand response has helped us
maximize our participation in the APS Peak Solutions program, maintain our
standing as a leader in environmentally sustainable operations and secure
incremental revenue,” said Brian Biesemeyer, deputy public works-utilities
director, City of Peoria.

Recently, New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC) selected the Comverge IntelliSOURCE platform to support its time-based pricing pilot

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