Experts gather at Abu Dhabi Smart Lighting & Energy Summit

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Around 300 industry experts have attended the 3rd Annual Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit held in Abu Dhabi.

The event is sponsored by Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

The first day witnessed a presentation on DMA’s Lighting Handbook from Martin Valentine, Lighting Expert at Abu Dhabi City, on design elements, lighting control standards, signage design specifications, ADQCC LED fixture certification scheme and ESMA Lighting Standards.

Christian Schraft, president of Europe, Havells Sylvania, the Diamond Sponsor of the event talked about trends in the lighting industry.


More than 20 sessions are being presented by local and international speakers over specializing in the areas of lighting design, sustainable lighting applications and lighting technologies.

A talk on “The Promise and Potential of Connected Lighting” was initiated by Alfonso D’Andretta, head of Lighting Systems and Services, Philips Middle East and Turkey.

He talked about Connected Lighting, asking to imagine a world where every light point is part of an intelligent system that not only provides high-quality, reliable illumination but that also serves as a pathway for data and services.

Yves Borlez, research and technology director of Schreder had a remarkable perspective on Integrating Intelligence into LED Street Lighting Products.


Zachary Suchara, director of design at Luma Lighting Design explained the long-term energy impacts of lighting and lighting control systems on the built and natural environment.

Processing of raw aluminum in the US uses 300 trillion BTU’s of fuel every year, enough to power to power 31.5 million stove top burners.

Other industry experts that presented at the Summit included Helmut Regvart, GM and head of Design – Lighting Design Austria, technical delivery manager – Utilities at Mouchel Middle East, Simone Collon, associate – Lighting Practice Leader Europe at Arup and many others.

More presentations and case studies from Gerald Strickland from Middle East Lighting Association, Elizabeth Thomas, senior vice president, Institution of Lighting Professionals, Faraz Izhar, senior lighting designer at KEO, Yvon Muller, artistic director at Ymagine Light will be followed.

The day will end with discussions on Developments in LED Standards, Specifications and Conformity Schemes in the Middle East, Lighting Design Practices and Solar & Other Renewable Lighting Technologies.

The delegates also witnessed the latest in lighting technologies and solutions being displayed at the Summit by major sponsors such as Sylvania, Philips, Ligman, Schreder, Leotek, Luxvision, Amko Solar, Technilum, Kenall, OrangeTek, Hubell Lighting, iGuzzini and Inaba.

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