IKEA switches entirely to LED-based lighting products

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Swedish home furnishings retailer IKEA will switch its entire range of lighting products to LED-based before end of the month.

LED-based lighting cuts energy use by 85 percent compared with incandescent bulbs and can last for 20 years.

The technology offers high-quality light suited for different preferences; it allows the customer the flexibility to choose between warm or cool light and almost all bulbs are dimmable.

Also, LED lights come in all shapes and sizes and are backed by high quality.

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According to a statement, IKEA and its suppliers have been working to improve the performance of LED technology and to offer “sustainable, affordable, high quality and design conscious solution for customers switching from incandescent lighting”.

Jeanette Skjelmose, Business Area Manager Lighting at IKEA says: “We have worked hard to make it easy for our customers to love LED. It is just to switch the old incandescent bulbs when they go out, to new LED bulbs. There is no need to throw away your favourite lamp.”

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“Our challenge is to make new products beautiful, sustainable and affordable. IKEA is going all in with the fantastic LED technique and from September 1 we can proudly tell the world that our lighting range consists of 100 percent LED,” Jeanette concludes.

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