BioSolar wins first commercial order for BioBacksheet

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Greentech Lead America:BioSolar, a provider of products and materials that reduce the cost of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, has received the first commercial order for BioBacksheet.The first shipment of BioBacksheet will be used for the manufacture of specialty PV panels for electric utility vehicles with anticipated further shipments to be used by military and other mobile applications.

The commercial order win is significant for the company especially when the solar market is going through deep turmoil.

The product will result in lightweight PV panels with high-power-to-weight ratio and are highly durable. They can be custom-shaped and sized in different colors.

BioBacksheet’s high thermal conductivity rapidly draws heat away from the solar cells, which can increase the power output of the entire solar panel and also improve long term durability by decreasing temperature fluctuations. Second, BioBacksheet’s USDA BioPreferred Certification allows solar panels to be marketed as more sustainable and socially responsible, and preferred by U.S. government agencies.

According to David Lee, the company’s CEO, customers are attracted to the unique product features of BioBacksheet, including single layer composition, reliability, efficiency and cost competitiveness.

“Though the sales cycle for specialty PV panels can be shorter than mainstream PV panels, it is important to note that the durability requirements in this market segment are much more stringent than what is normally expected from standard PV components,” Lee added.

BioSolar  is now set to expand into mainstream PV markets. The company has completed successful internal testing, qualification and UL material certification. Some of its large customers have obtained panel level UL or IEC certifications in the last one year.

“Solar is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and BioSolar is very well positioned to benefit from the surge in demand,” Lee added. “Our patent pending BioBacksheet is the world’s first and only UL certified solar panel backsheet made from renewable materials and features two distinct benefits that are unmatched by existing backsheets.”

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