Cogar International Energy unveils breakthrough Hydro-Electric Reactor

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Cogar International Energy unveils breakthrough Hydro-Electric Reactor

By Greentech Lead
: Cogar International Energy announced a commercial-sized prototype
called the Hydro-Electric Reactor. The technology uses only air from the
atmosphere to generate huge amounts of clean, reliable green energy all year

The technology does not use any fossil fuel to generate
electricity in commercial quantities and it can produce renewable and
sustainable clean energy using only a fraction of external energy input.

The prototype generates 100 kilowatts of electricity by
using only 75 kilowatts of electricity. With a maximum of 20 generators, the
prototype can generate 2000 kilowatts of electricity using only 500 kilowatts

The company claims that the new Hydro-Electric Reactor
technology can replace all coal, gas, geo-thermal, bio-mass, windmills, solar
and nuclear power plants, worldwide, within 30 years.

The technology can provide over 1,000,000 megawatts of
clean, renewable energy each year to the world, with no harmful chemical
emissions. The new technology eliminates daily operating costs thus it can
generate electricity at less than 1 cent (U.S. Cent) per kilowatt hour.

The company is currently negotiating to supply several
thousand megawatts of alternative energy to customers around the world and it
is also developing all-electric green energy engines, to replace the current
internal-combustion engines for transportation vehicles worldwide.

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