Duke Energy Progress Plans 76 MW Solar Facility Adjacent to Robinson Nuclear Plant

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Duke Energy Progress has submitted a proposal to the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSCSC) seeking approval for the construction and ownership of a 76-megawatt utility-scale solar power facility adjacent to the Robinson Nuclear Plant site.

The proposed facility, located in both Chesterfield and Darlington counties, marks a significant step towards Duke Energy’s commitment to a cleaner energy future in South Carolina. It did not reveal financial details of the solar power project.

Mike Callahan, Duke Energy’s South Carolina state president, emphasized the importance of investing in the state’s energy future while delivering reliable and affordable service to customers and communities.

The construction of the solar facility is slated to commence in 2026 on the existing 345-acre site, with operations targeted to begin in 2027. The facility aims to provide fuel-free power to meet the growing energy demands of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

Amid South Carolina’s population growth and economic development, transitioning to cleaner energy sources becomes imperative. Callahan stressed the need for a diverse energy mix, including renewables like solar, to ensure reliability while meeting the state’s growing energy needs.

Duke Energy underscores the critical role of nuclear power in South Carolina’s energy landscape. Robinson Nuclear Plant has been a cornerstone in powering communities in the Pee Dee region for over 50 years and remains an integral component of Duke Energy’s diverse energy portfolio. Nuclear energy, being carbon-free and available around the clock, is vital for meeting the state’s energy demands in all weather conditions.

Looking ahead, Duke Energy plans to seek relicensing for its entire nuclear fleet, including the Robinson Nuclear Plant, to ensure continued reliable, clean, and cost-competitive operations for customers. The license renewal application for the Robinson Nuclear Plant is expected to be submitted in 2025.

Duke Energy Progress, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, serves approximately 1.7 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers across North Carolina and South Carolina. With a capacity of 12,500 megawatts, Duke Energy Progress is committed to powering communities while advancing towards a cleaner energy future.

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