E.ON–Sungevity launch program for rooftop solar installations in UK

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German utility E.ON and solar electricity company Sungevity have launched “Go Solar”, a program for distribution of home-based solar panels, in the UK.

The UK is the third country in which the companies have collaborated to initiate such a venture. The pair had launched a similar program in the Netherlands in 2014 and another in Germany earlier this year.

As part of Go Solar, Sungevity is offering its 20-year ‘SunSure’ guarantee. The guarantee stands for covering expenses users may incur owing to shortfall in promised output from modules below 95 percent of what the company has quoted for 20 years.

A statement claims that the remote solar design software of Sungevity iQuote will be able to provide prospective customers of Go Solar with an “accurate system design and quote without home visits”.

The proprietary iQuote technology uses “satellite and aerial imagery” to make it possible.

And the system is reportedly able to include estimated cost savings over conventional energy sources based on historical consumption rates. Accessibility to the model online gives customers the option to monitor the performance of their systems any time they choose, the companies have claimed.

According to the statement, a pilot project will be tested in the Midlands and the North of England. It will be expanded to other regions in future.

Britain has been a key solar energy market in Europe. A report by Solar Power Europe stated that the country led European solar expansion in 2014 by adding 2.4 gigawatts of solar resources to the domestic market. The country also added a third to Europe’s overall solar power growth of 7 gigawatts over the same period.

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