Sungrow unveils new string inverter for higher power generation needs

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At the 7th Annual Int’l Smart Grid Expo in Tokyo, PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow launched a new product for Japan’s solar market with the reveal of its new string inverter, the SG33K3J.

As an important supplement to the string inverter pipeline led by the SG49K5J, Sungrow’s flagship product in Japan, the SG33K3J expands possibilities for solar customers, the company said.

The SG33K3J and the SG49K5J are both designed for higher power generation with DC/AC ratio of the SG33K3J reaching up to 2.0.

Central inverters were also featured at the Tokyo show. Sungrow showcased the SG2000, recently employed in the BCM’s (Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd) 200MW power plant.

“Sungrow is committed to technical innovation. We continue to bring new products and solutions to better meet ever-changing demands from customers in Japan,” said Renxian Cao, president of Sungrow.

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