Trina Solar Starts Mass Production of High-Power Vertex S+ 505W Modules

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Trina Solar, a global leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, has commenced mass production of its Vertex S+ 505W modules. The inaugural unit, bearing the designation NEG18R.28, rolled off the production line at the company’s facility in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, on January 25.

The Vertex S+ 505W module, part of Trina Solar’s Vertex S+ series tailored for commercial and industrial rooftops, made its European debut at the prestigious Genera exhibition in Spain on February 6, where it garnered significant attention from industry stakeholders.

Vertex S+ 505W module is engineered to meet the core requirements of customers, particularly in terms of shorter payback times. Leveraging n-type i-TOPCon technology and 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (210R) cell technology, this dual-glass module delivers an impressive power output of up to 505W and achieves an exceptional efficiency of 22.7 percent. Additionally, it offers enhanced durability, longevity, and conversion efficiency compared to traditional p-type modules.

With dimensions of 1961mm by 1134mm and a slim profile of just 30mm, the module weighs a mere 23.5kg, facilitating easy installation and ensuring suitability for large-scale commercial projects. Its versatility is further underscored by compatibility with mainstream inverters, optimizers, and mounting systems, thanks to a short circuit current of 15.86A.

Designed with a 1.6+1.6mm dual-glass configuration, the module exhibits superior resistance to scratches, cracks, impacts, and environmental stressors such as salt spray, acids, alkalis, high temperatures, and humidity. It has passed stringent tests, including 35mm hail tests and IEC fire ratings (Class A+C), ensuring reliability even in adverse conditions.

Trina Solar stands behind the quality and performance of its Vertex S+ 505W modules, offering an industry-leading 30-year performance warranty and a 25-year product warranty.

The modules boast ultra-low degradation rates, with only a 1 percent first-year and 0.4 percent annual degradation, providing long-term assurance to commercial and industrial property owners and managers seeking to optimize energy efficiency.

Vertex S+ series has garnered widespread acclaim in the non-utility market, with strong endorsements from industry partners and customers alike. The commencement of mass production for the Vertex S+ 505W module ensures timely delivery to regions including Europe, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific, solidifying Trina Solar’s position as a leader in solar technology.

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