Yingli Green supplies 72 MW of solar panels to Solarcentury in UK

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Yingli Solar has announced the supply 72 megawatts of multi- and monocrystalline solar panels to Solarcentury in the United Kingdom.

According to the agreement between Yingli and Solarcentury, the Company will deliver approximately 168,000 solar panels by the end of this year.

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The panels will be installed and used for various projects across the UK.

These projects are expected to produce approximately 65,000 MWh of clean solar electricity per year, enough to supply around 21,800 UK homes.


Solar is still the most popular form of renewable energy among the UK public, unsurprising since developing the solar capacity stands to benefit many people and businesses, said, Matthew Boulton, COO, Solarcentury.

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As a strong solar market in the UK with a steady growth potential throughout 2020 is seen, cooperating with this long-standing solar company on more exciting projects in the future is anticipated, said, Liansheng Miao, chairman and CEO, Yingli Green Energy.

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