Itron joins with i2O to achieve smart pressure management solutions

Itron in collaboration with i2O Water will expand its water portfolio and make up for the non-revenue water (NRW) offering, enabling utilities to efficiently manage water resources around the world.

i2O’s Smart Pressure Management solution will help to minimize non-revenue water by reducing water losses in the distribution network.

i2O is the latest innovative technology being added to Itron’s series of NRW products like acoustic leak detection, district metering and analytics. This patented solution optimizes water pressure according to consumption and day-to-day flow changes.


It provides utilities with visibility into network performance and remote control management of pressures that will reduce operating costs.

Due to reduced leakage and bursts, after adapting this technology water resources can be conserved cutting the energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint of network operation.

i2O’s unique solution rounds out Itron’s portfolio of water technology, giving our customers access to the industry’s leading pressure management technology, said, Gavin van Tonder, president, water business line, Itron.

Itron has signed a five-year agreement with i2O for the supply of products. Through this collaboration, Itron will be able to help many more water utilities reduce their leakage and burst frequency, lower operational costs and improve customer service, said, Adam Kingdon, business development director, co-founder, i2O Water.

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