GE Vernova Introduces CERius: Cutting-Edge Carbon Emissions Management Software for the Energy Sector

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GE Vernova’s Digital business has taken a significant step in the fight against climate change with the early limited release of CERius, a carbon emissions management software aimed at helping energy companies make strides toward their net-zero objectives. Leveraging data precision and abatement planning capabilities, CERius is set to revolutionize the way energy organizations track and reduce their carbon footprint. The software is currently available as a pilot program for existing GE Vernova customers, with plans for general availability in early 2024.

CERius is meticulously crafted to empower organizations to more accurately measure, manage, and put into action the essential insights required to achieve carbon-neutral emissions goals. This groundbreaking software is designed to automate the collection of greenhouse gas (GHG) data and provide actionable recommendations for implementing carbon reduction efforts. Key features include scenario analysis, collaborative tools, and standardized reporting based on GHG protocols. By establishing cross-functional standards and processes, CERius will enable companies to proactively address evolving regulatory compliance requirements.

Amy Cravens, Research Manager of ESG Management and Reporting Technologies at IDC, emphasized the growing demand for robust carbon emissions management technologies like GE Vernova’s CERius. “There are increased expectations from regulatory bodies, investors, and companies that have made public net-zero commitments which require more rigor to disclose accurate emissions data,” she noted. “Companies look to carbon emissions management technologies like GE Vernova’s CERius software to help improve scope 1, 2, and 3 data accuracy and reporting, in addition to measuring abatement planning strategies.”

Scott Reese, CEO of GE Vernova’s Digital business, highlighted the company’s unique position to drive decarbonization efforts, given that their technology contributes to approximately 30 percent of the world’s electricity generation. Reese noted, “As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), we’ve had the opportunity to directly validate that CERius provides 33 percent greater accuracy for scope 1 emissions on today’s gas turbines. That direct validation gives us great confidence that we can help utilities in reporting and reducing their emissions.”

CERius promises to assist energy companies in enhancing their emissions data management, compliance reporting, and strategic planning. The software employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract insights from historical and real-time data across plant and enterprise-level processes.

Key benefits of CERius include:

Decarbonization Planning & Activation: Organizations can simulate and assess various abatement scenarios to optimize their carbon management strategies, evaluating the potential impact of initiatives such as renewable energy integration, energy efficiency measures, and carbon offset projects.

Multi-Team Collaboration: CERius facilitates transparent cross-functional visibility among sustainability executives, managers, and operators, simplifying audit preparations and breaking down departmental silos. Data quality alerts enable swift issue resolution, bolstering trust and credibility while demonstrating a commitment to decarbonization.

Emissions Tracking: Through automated data collection and improved accuracy, CERius enables the measurement and monitoring of carbon emissions across operations, including assets, plants, and enterprises, covering scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data. The software provides near real-time data visualization and reporting, empowering companies to track their progress and make data-driven decisions for emissions reduction programs. Scope 1 emissions reporting accuracy is boosted by up to 33 percent through precise data, allowing for better investments in carbon reduction initiatives.

Compliance Reporting Assistance: In an environment of evolving regulatory requirements, CERius simplifies compliance management by automating emissions data collection and analysis, enhancing data accuracy and precision. This enables energy companies to report to regulatory bodies using established standards effectively.

CERius stands out by shifting from estimates to precise results, using Digital Twin technology. It enables reporting that is closer to actual results by simultaneously calculating outcomes using multiple variables, providing stakeholders with confidence in investing in new carbon reduction programs.

Linda Rae, General Manager of Power Generation and Oil & Gas for GE Vernova’s Digital business, expressed excitement about extending their expertise into the emissions management arena, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector.

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