GE Vernova’s Digital Business Buys Greenbird Integration Technology

By Editor


GE Vernova’s Digital business has acquired Greenbird Integration Technology AS, a company specializing in data integration platforms, with a focus on utilities. This acquisition aligns with GE Vernova’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

GridOS and Grid Orchestration: GridOS is the world’s first software portfolio designed for grid orchestration. The acquisition of Greenbird will enhance the capabilities of GridOS by facilitating easier and more scalable integration of data and systems across the grid.

Benefits for Utilities: The acquisition aims to make energy security a reality for leading utilities. GridOS offers tools for secure and reliable grid operations, along with resiliency and flexibility required by utilities globally.

Federated Data Fabric: GridOS utilizes a federated data fabric to bring together energy data, network modeling, and AI-driven analytics from various parts of the grid. The acquisition will further develop this data fabric, enabling faster and simpler aggregation of energy data, reducing integration project timelines and costs.

Grid Automation and Future Possibilities: The integration of data from various sources, such as EV charging stations, operations, forecasting, and billing systems, enhances grid automation. This is particularly important in scenarios like vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, where electric vehicles act as “rolling batteries.”

Renewables Connection Challenges: The integration of data plays a crucial role in addressing challenges related to connecting renewable energy sources to the grid. The acquisition will help enable better scenario planning, grid simulations, and deeper visibility into the impact of renewable assets on the grid.

Delivery and Expertise: Greenbird’s integration platform is delivered as a service (iPaaS) and is built with containerization and cloud services. The acquisition also brings Greenbird’s innovative team, including data specialists experienced in developing and deploying distributed data processes for utilities.

AI and Data-Driven Vision: GE Vernova’s Digital business envisions a data-driven future for GridOS, utilizing AI and data integration to solve grid orchestration challenges, promote decarbonization, and drive electrification at scale.

Overall, this acquisition enhances GE Vernova’s capabilities in the field of sustainable energy and grid management, positioning them to better address the challenges and opportunities of modernizing the energy grid.

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