QOS Energy expands renewable O&M analytics business in India


QOS Energy, a renewable O&M analytics software provider, announced the opening of a new office in India to meet the growing demand of its customer base and exploit the opportunities offered by the booming Indian market.

“QOS Energy provides turnkey O&M analytics services to unleash the value of data from thousands of renewable energy plants across the world. With its target to ramp up solar power generation to 100 GW by 2022, India is poised to become one of the largest PV market in the world,” said Eric Daniel, Sales director of QOS Energy.

“Our customers’ business needs reflect this trend. Our local team of experts has gone through extensive training at the head office in France and will now be able to service our customers on their most complex projects,” Daniel said.

The O&M platform provided by QOS Energy has the ability to integrate data from any renewable energy type of plant, or data acquisition system, and to provide a homogeneous vision of heterogeneous renewable portfolios.

The solution also features a bi-direction API that allows for the seamless synchronization of data with any third-party information system, delivering a unique and powerful datahub, centralizing technical, maintenance and financial data on one single interface.

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