Schneider Electric, GSK join hands to reduce carbon emission

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Schneider Electric announced partnership with GSK to manage an online community that gives the healthcare leader’s suppliers information and tools to improve environmental performance through energy, water and waste management.

Schneider Electric will serve as the community manager for the GSK Supplier Exchange, which has more than 700 members representing 360 of GSK’s biggest suppliers.

This initiative builds on a 14-year partnership between GSK and Schneider Electric.

The Exchange delivers informative content, and provides a forum for collaboration and networking, helping accelerate sustainability and efficiency projects.

The project aligns with GSK’s target to produce a carbon-neutral value chain by 2050 and cut emissions 25 percent by 2020 to start. With more than 50 percent of emissions tied to purchased materials and services, GSK recognized the need to support its supplier network in reducing its carbon footprint.

Matt Wilson, head of the Environmental Sustainability Centre of Excellence at GSK, said, “We found that many of our suppliers may not be entirely sure where to start when it comes to identifying resource conservation opportunities. We have partnered with Schneider Electric to develop sustainability expertise that will help our suppliers expand their knowledge on sustainability topics and practical solutions.”

“It can be challenging for companies with a global footprint to engage their diverse supplier community, and coordinate broad sustainability and efficiency efforts,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice president of Energy and Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric.

“GSK’s approach of building a connected and dynamic community is an ideal way to drive action,” Wilhite added. “We’re excited to use our experience to educate, consult, and ultimately deliver carbon reduction and associated savings for GSK and each of the businesses in its value chain.”

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